Systems Contact Network

Name Position Country
Alejandro Wyss Divisional manager of Computer science Argentina
Mauricio Rebouças Brazil
Nelson Fernández Technology Manager Chile
Alberto Figari Gonzáles Technology Manager Peru
María Mercedes Corral Technology vice-president Colombia
Solange Manzo IT Deputy Manager Panama
Rodrigo Nardoni IT Development Officer Brazil
Adrian Saucedo IT Consultores Paraguay
Mr. J. Ezra Marshall Deputy General Manager - Operations Barbados
José Ramiro Lucia Lobo Technology and Security Manager Bolivia
Jacob Granek MD Applications Development United States
Nelson Miranda IT Manager El Salvador
Rudi Steenkamp Head of IT South Africa
Javier Rivera Deputy Director QI Mexico
Lorenzo Cortez CIO Nicaragua
Joe Cavasin Vice President, Application Delivery Services Canada
Jabez Harris IT Officer Eastern Caribbean
Marcela Diani Head of IT Deparment Argentina
Luis Suárez Programming and Development Dominican Republic
Santiago Adames Infraestructure Dominican Republic