Finance Contact Network

Name Position Country
Diego Ciabattini Finance Manager Argentina
Francisco Carlos Gomes Director of Control Brazil
Rodrigo Roblero A. Finance and Planning Manager Chile
Lucy Rodriguez Administration and Accounting Deputy Manager Peru
Hannes van Eeden Chief Financial Officer South Africa
Ricardo Eduardo Mora Torres Financial Vice-president Colombia
Ms. Keisha Fagan Accounting Officer Barbados
Carmen de Osorio Operations & Administration Manager Panama
Marco Túlio Clivati Padilha Financial Officer Brazil
Rossana Arias Auxiliary Paraguay
Adriana Valverde Maceda Administration and Finance Manager Bolivia
Oscar Raposo MD Finance United States
Jorge Moreno General Manager El Salvador
Jaime Ramos Manager Mexico
Ricardo Toro Financial Sub-Manager Chile
John Mckenzie COO / CFO CDS - Canada
Denise Parris-Mertins Manager, Administration Division Eastern Caribbean
Walter Suarez Finance Manager Argentina
Kilsa Arias Administration and Finance Manager Brazil
Suzette Whyte Financial Controller Jamaica